Hotel Marietta

Fire Procedures

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It is extremely unlikely that you will be involved during your stay. The hotel meets strict fire code requirements and has taken every precaution to protect you from being harmed by such an event. This information page is one of those precautions. Please take a few moments to read and understand it. If you have any additional questions, please contact the reception.

If you hear a Fire Alarm

  1. Locate the nearest emergency exit. Know where the nearest fire alarms, extinguishers and fire hoses are. Familiarise yourself with the building evacuation plan attached to the back of your room door.
  2. Know where your room key is at all times.

If you Discover a Fire

  1. If the fire is in your room, leave the room immediately. Take your key and close all doors and windows behind you.
  2. Notify the reception by dialing 466 (By mobile: 06456 7262-0) and give the location of the the fire. Activate the nearest fire alarm by by breaking the glass and pressing the alarm button found by all fire exits.
  3. Calmly proceed to the nearest fire exit and leave the building.
  4. Do not re-enter the hotel until instructed to do so by the manager or the attending staff

Important Notes

All rooms and Restaurants are non-smoking areas. We ask you not to smoke in the rooms, since the cleaning is very costly. Do not leave your children unattended in the room. You can rent a Babyphone from the Reception. Please avoid using your own heat-generating electrical appliances.