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À la Carte: Lunch & Dinner in the Grill800

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The journey begins in countries where the health of the animals and the land are critical to producing healthy top quality beef with greater tenderness and delicious flavour. It is guaranteed that during the production, sustainable agriculture and environment friendly land is being used.

Through the combination of a 800°C infrared grill and the best quality meat available world wide, our steaks have to be experienced to be believed. The Grill800 is located in House A, Ground Floor - Lounge.

À la Carte: Lunch

The lunch menu is available opposite of the Reception (House A, Ground Floor). Lunch is available between 12PM - 5PM.

Dinner in the Grill800

During busy days, it is advised to make a reservation at the Reception (466). Dinner is served between 6.30PM - 10PM.