Hotel Marietta

Instructions for Safe & Telephone

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Important Numbers

  • Reception: 466
  • Emergency: (0) 144
  • Fire: (0) 122
  • Police: (0) 133
  • Mountain Rescue: (0) 140

Call other Rooms

To call other rooms, simply dial the desired room number, no prefix needed.

External Calls

Your room number is also your extension. The hotel number +43 6456 7262 plus your room number is the externally reachable number.
For example Room 108‘s external number is +43 6456 7262-108.

Wake-Up Call

  1. Dial *55* and enter the desired alarm time in a 24 hour format. To confirm press #.
  2. To delete the alarm dial * 55 * and confirm by pressing #.


Your room telephone has been equipped with voice mail for your convenience. Please follow the instructions listed below to use your voice mail.

  1. Dial * 59 #
  2. Listen to the instructions
  3. You can now delete the message

Long Distance Calls

Long distance calls can be made through the room telephone. The charge depends on the duration of the call and its destination. It is then automatically applied to your room bill. To access the outside line please dial 0 in addition to the applicable country code.

Personal Safe

How to program & operate your personal safe:

  1. Press #
  2. Enter your six-digit code
  3. Press # to store the code
  4. Close the safe door
  5. Input your chosen code number
  6. Press # (to lock the safe)
  7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 to open the safe


  • Please memorise your code number
  • Please leave the safe door open on Check-Out day

If you have any additional questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to call the Reception (466)