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Sustainable Tourism

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The Location

As opposed to destinations across the globe, ski resorts in Austria are a premier destination for travellers from Europe. The distance is short, the climate is similar and the energy spent to get here is significantly less than with long distance flights. Obertauern has proven itself as a sustainable holiday destination, due to the stable snow conditions and strong orientation towards outdoor activities, whether in the winter or summer months. The high number of hospitality businesses condensed in a relatively small area results in real benefits for the travellers.

The Hotel

To make your stay in the Marietta as sustainable as possible, we invest heavily in both technology and the local region. Every piece of automation and technology we add has the sole purpose of freeing our staff to perform their most important task: aid guests to get the most out of their holidays.


Thank you for choosing to stay with us. In order to stay as environmentally friendly as possible and advance sustainable tourism for future generations here are a few personal tips that you can use to minimise your carbon footprint:

  • Electricity: When leaving the room a Master Switch next to your door will ensure that all appliances are turned off and no longer consume power. This includes the TV and lights of the room.
  • Windows: When the temperature in room is too high, it is advisable to not to tilt the window, but to really open it up for a few minutes. This ensures that minimal thermal energy is lost when forgetting to close a tilted window. Furthermore, please adjust the dial on the radiator before tilting a window.
  • Washing: Ensure the conservation of energy by only having your towels washed when needed. You can do so by placing them on the bathroom floor. Less washing results in less water and cleaner usage.
  • No Smoking: The entire hotel is smoke free. When smoking outdoors, please ensure that no cigarette butts are disposed of improperly on the ground. Please do not throw them off your balcony. This pollutes the environment immensely as they not only contain harmful chemicals for the wildlife but also take a long time to break down.

These personal tips are universally applicable when staying in any resort or hotel across the globe. Thank you for making tourism more sustainable!